Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Church Service

Friday night was my partner and I's last church service in Belen. The services will continue with the help of Belen's mother church, as well as one of the leaders in Belen itself. Dalila and I will simply no longer be involved in all of the day to day decisions with this church plant.

It's so exciting to see how far Belen has come, how much the members of the church have grown in their faith and their love for God. At the same time it was very sad for my partner and I to have to say good-bye. We have vacation for one month over Christmas and will be coming back to Iquitos. However once we come back we will be working on 2 new church plants at the same time in different areas of the city. Therefore while we may be able to visit occasionally, we are essentially done in Belen.

The last service was beautiful. We celebrated together the work that God has been doing over the past 8 months and said goodbye to our friends and church family. The house was absolutely packed full... I'm sure in the United States it would have been considered a fire hazard, haha. It also happened to be Nely's (the owner of the house where we hold services) birthday. So at the end of the service we celebrated her birthday with her. A couple of days before members of our mother church came and repainted the main room of her house and installed a better light for her. It was a really special day to be able to do something like that for Nely. Also at our last service one of our church members, who happens to be a carpenter, gifted us a podium. It was such a blessed and amazing surprise.

I am so proud of the little church in Belen. I will miss being able to be a part of their daily lives, but am so blessed for the times that I was able to share with them. For how much they have helped me to grow and learn about myself as I worked to help them grow and learn more about our Father. Thank you for your continued prayers for this new church and these new Christians. We have been blessed more than you can know by your prayers.

Dios le bendiga.

Pastor Antonio painting.

Last service

Alfredo with the podium that he made and surprised us with on the last service.

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