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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jesus Film

About once a month to once every 6 weeks we show the Jesus Film in a new area of Belen as an Evangelism method. Last night we had the chance to show the movie in the Plaza of Belen, which is a very central area of this part of the city. During the day we passed out 500 invitations to the areas surrounding the Plaza, and we told as many people as we could about the movie that night.

One of the great things about the Jesus Film for this culture is that if there is going to be any sort of movie shown on a big screen for FREE, people will generally come if they can.

We invited our Belen church to come out and help us and support us for the night. One of the most beautiful parts of the night for me was that most of our congregation came out to help! It was great to see them so eager and excited to help. Many of them had also become saved through a previous showing of a Jesus Film. We also had a few members from our Mother Church come to help. The support was really great.

In all we had about 150 people come to watch the Film. They sat quietly and intently throughout the whole film. Usually there are interruptions with kids running around or drunk guys walking through and being loud, or any number of other things. But there were no interruptions last night.

At the end of the film our Superintendent gave an invitation to the crowd to accept Christ as their Savior. 4 Men came up to the Pastor and prayed with them. We noticed 2 other men and 1 woman praying from where they were sitting. It is very rare for us to have so many men make this decision. We were able to get the names and addresses of these 7 people and will be visiting them in the coming days, hopefully to be able to continue to visit with them and share more of Christ's love and the plan that God has for their life.

It was a beautiful night. Pray for these 7 people who came to Christ last night, that God would continue to work in their lives, and that they would be open to us as we go out to visit them and share more.


We are extremely excited and feel incredibly blessed by the work that God is doing in Belen. Here is a picture of our group from this past Friday night. We were celebrating my birthday after our service. There are 25 adults and kids from our congregation. Plus 4 people from our Mother Church there to help us. Along with myself and Dalila and Juliana. Thank you God for the work that you are doing in this part of the city that so desperately needs you.
I love this group.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Praying with Faith

Tonight we had a very special Prayer Service. Every Tuesday night we have a prayer service, and on Friday nights we have our regular service. We tend to get more people to come to the service on Friday nights. Up to this point we have had on average 9 or 10 people coming on Tuesday nights.

Today we were visiting and discipling Nely. Nely has opened her doors to us to hold services on Tuesdays and Fridays. As we were leaving her house to make some more visits before the prayer service at night, my partner Dalila asked Nely a simple question: "Hermana Nely how many people do you want to come fill your house for the service tonight?"

Nely sat and thought for a moment and then responded "15 people".

So Dalila told her ok, start praying right now that tonight we will have 15 people in your house to pray, and we will be praying for this as well.

The 3 of us prayed the rest of the afternoon that 15 of our contacts would come to service tonight. A number that is pretty high for a Tuesday. But we prayed with faith, believing that God would fill his House of Prayer if we only asked Him.

And you know what happened? 26 people show up to pray tonight. WOW! We never imagined that we were praying for too SMALL of a number. God is so good. We were able to tell the story to our contacts of how we had prayed for 15 this afternoon and look how God answered our prayers! We had an amazing time of prayer together. There are so many needs in our group and it is so encouraging to see those in need turning to God for help. Knowing and believing that he is the ultimate Provider, the ultimate Healer, and so much more. Our group is really beginning to come together as a family. It is so amazing to see the spiritual growth that is happening in the lives of those in the Church in Belen.